A client, testifying to the significance of her counseling experience at

               CMH Counseling, wrote these words:


                     Most of all, you brought me from gloom and despair, 

to hope that things will return to normal.


Sally (not her real name) has lived with a serious mental illness, schizophrenia,

for over 30 years.  Thankful for the supportive counseling she has received at

CMH Counseling and grateful for her capacity to live independently,

she decided to “give back” to those, like herself, who struggle just to survive.

Each November she goes to neighbors, friends and family and asks them to

contribute to twelve complete Thanksgiving dinners, which she then puts together,

and brings to the agency for distribution to our neediest families.


Her commitment and passion on behalf of those who struggle with mental illness

have been an inspiration not just to the recipients but to our staff as well.  When

a staff member remarked about this extraordinary gesture, she modestly commented,


This is nothing compared to what this agency has done to keep me alive and ensure my day-to-day functioning”.


          One couple described their marriage counseling experience with a

           staff member quite dramatically,


                         “She brought us back from the cliff”.



          Comments from other clients:                  

                        “ Everyone here has been so welcoming”. 
              I had no idea this place would be so comfortable”. 
                       “I wish this waiting room were my living room”. 

               “ All my anxiety about starting counseling vanished when I met the staff”. 


               “ Other counseling agencies have felt so sterile – CMH Counseling sets a            

                  standard that is unmatched in Western New York”.


              “ All the staff members are knowledgeable and supportive, and really seem

                 to love what they do”.
        And this, from a CMH Counseling client:
Today is my ninth visit to CMH Counseling. There is a portrait of a woman with a gentle smile, a past director, hanging on the wall in the comfortable sitting room. For the first time I take note of my surroundings and see that the colors used in this room are my favorite hues.
Before this, I had not really seen the attractiveness here. Before, this had been simply sanctuary. What I saw was the chair by the table with the radio where I sat once a week, sitting on the edge awaiting my salvation. It was deviod of character, save the quality of help.
In the fear born of my illness, I felt alone and without resources. A friend spoke of a woman who would help me heal, and a not for profit programthat would accept me. Today, I notice a sofa, and for the first time sit there. I feel the texture of the fabric, appreciate the livliness of the design, and sit well back on its cushions. Across from me is that picture I mentioned. She smiles, I believe, knowing that she graces a healing place.
I hear a cheerful greeting and turn to see another woman, whose caring strength and skills help me through this dark passage in my life. She is a primary source of  my reawakened senses.
Thank you CMH Counseling for the fine people associated herein. Most of all, thank you for being here for me, and for all in need of your help.