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posted Oct 27, 2020, 10:53 AM by Marcia Buhl

When Mr. Rogers was a little boy he was easily scared. His mother took note of this and when little Fred asked, “What do I do when I get scared” she said, “Look for the helpers.”

All around us right now, amid the pandemic and panic people are experiencing, we are hearing stories of how it is bringing out the loving kindness, compassion, and the best in people in little and large ways.  We believe when love comes into a situation it changes everything.

The Sunday NY Times cited when the 2018 earthquake ravaged Anchorage Alaska, amid devastation and great loss, remarkably people came together, held onto each other, and helped each other, thereby, compassionate community prevailed. Compassion creates community and an indelible bond that cannot be broken.

During this challenging time our clients need us and we make every effort to be sure we stay connected to them because we care deeply for their well-being. CMH has remained faithfully committed to the people we serve welcoming all who come to our little red house hopefully to feel safe and find a home.

COVID19 necessitated closing our doors for the safety and well being of clients and staff, but we did not close down our hearts. Our hearts remain open. Instead, our office staff and some clinicians opted to report to keep our phones on during the day and we are keeping connected to our clients by telehealth visits. CMH continues to be dedicated to our mission. We have been faithfully doing so for almost 100 years.  Rest assured that during this stressful time, if you need us we will be here.

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